DigiPsyRes Info Days: A Celebration of Innovation and Collaboration at the University of Kragujevac!

The halls of knowledge at the University of Kragujevac were buzzing with excitement on December 26 and 27 as we hosted the DigiPsyRes Info Days at two prestigious faculties — the Faculty of Agronomy and the Faculty of Technical Sciences Čačak. This two-day event brought together over 100 passionate students from diverse majors, along with esteemed professors, researchers, and industry stakeholders, creating a dynamic platform for knowledge exchange and collaboration.

Unveiling the DigiPsyRes Project:

At the heart of the event, the spotlight shone brightly on the UKG project team as they passionately introduced the groundbreaking DigiPsyRes project. Attendees were not only informed about the project’s consortium, background, and overarching goals but were also treated to a deep dive into the remarkable achievements thus far. They witnessed firsthand the impactful strides the project has taken in advancing the field of digital psychology research, gaining profound insights into the transformative potential of this pioneering initiative.

Exclusive Glimpse into Future Training Sessions:

Anticipation soared as the audience was granted an exclusive sneak peek into the forthcoming training sessions, revealing an exciting glimpse into the future of the DigiPsyRes project. The project team passionately shared insights into meticulously crafted training programs designed for future peer supporters. Currently undergoing international pilot sessions, these programs are poised to launch nationally in the spring. A focal point of the team’s revelation was the disclosure of plans for a revolutionary peer support portal—an ultimate goal of the project. This portal, meticulously designed, is envisioned as a valuable resource catering to the diverse needs of all participants, further solidifying the project’s commitment to fostering a supportive community.

Piloting Success: Sharing Experiences, Inspiring Peers:

Adding a personal touch to the Info Days, participants of the pilot training graciously opened up, sharing their experiences and impressions of Program A, a component they have successfully completed. The atmosphere was enriched with a vibrant exchange of ideas and support as these participants engaged with their fellow colleagues. This candid sharing not only provided a glimpse into the individual journeys within the pilot training but also highlighted the cohesive spirit of collaboration that characterizes the close-knit DigiPsyRes community. Notably, as students in the audience shared their need for support, it affirmed the crucial role of the upcoming portal. It was a moment where personal narratives converged, creating a tapestry of shared insights and mutual encouragement, truly embodying the collaborative ethos at the heart of the DigiPsyRes initiative.

A Resounding Success:

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to everyone who attended and contributed to making the DigiPsyRes Info Days an overwhelming success. The enthusiasm and engagement witnessed during these two days underscore the importance of fostering a supportive and informed community in the field of digital psychology research.

Stay tuned for more updates and exciting developments as we continue to build a brighter future together!